Anime Central may be returning to full service?

Anime Central Logo

Anime Central Logo

Reading Klaraflame‘s Blog earlier, it persuaded me to finally have a look and find out the dealio with Anime Central. Anime Central is a Sky channel which shows Anime from 9PM onwards every night. Without this channel, I probably never would have discovered Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach, and consequently, wouldn’t watch anime. Not having Broadband, I cannot just hit download on a fansubber’s site.

Lately, there has been nothing on Anime Central except repeats, which lead be to the conclusion that the station had gone bankrupt and was only fulfilling it’s advertising contracts before closing down. However, looking at the wikipedia page, I found the following:

As of 3 June 2008, an updated list of UK TV licenses from OFCOM no longer lists Anime Central as a licensed channel,[11] reinforcing the long-standing speculation on the Anime Central forums that the channel will soon close.[12][13] However, the same OFCOM data indicates that CSC Media Group is set to start a new cartoon channel called True Entertainment, prompting further speculation on the Anime Central Forums that some of the channel’s programming could move to the new channel.[13]

By 14 June 2008, confirmation that the channels’s license to operate was being replaced in favour of True Entertainment, had appeared on OFCOM’s monthly updates page for May 2008. [14]

By 14 August, changes to the programming schedule had become visible on Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide. The new schedule suggested that True Entertainment would start on 20 August and it would show simulcasts of Pop Girl and True Movies 2, with Anime Central’s programming as a small programming block at 12am-3am. However, by 19 August the Sky EPG had reverted back to the previous schedule of teleshopping and triple bills. It appears the schedule as seen on 14 August was an error and the actual launch date of True Entertainment is still unknown.[15]

On the 1 September Anime Central will be moving to Sky channel 188 [16]

Changing channels on September 1st? Surely this may be a sign the channel is returning? I can only speculate but I certainly hope so!

The humble Favicon, and a How-To guide for those of you in the dark

A Favicon is that little icon you see in your address bar or in your bookmarks list beside the name of the site you’re visiting. They are very simple but make a huge difference to your users. Perhaps, like myself, they’d like their links on the bookmark toolbar to only consist of icons (or Favicons as I should say!)

Many sites that have been up for more than a year still have no favicon. (like xPad) or still use the default favicon of their CMS, which looks worse in my honest opinion (I’m looking at you GAMECON!)

So how do you acually make a favicon? Well you need to have a file called “favicon.ico” in your root directory, or in /images in joomla’s case (overwrite the current one). Making a favicon is quite easy, and most image editors will have everything you need from the box. Here is a excellent guide for Photoshop users (although you will need to download and install this plugin first)

With a bit of work, you might even manage a animated one like the one at!