How to Fix Facebook Chat for Firefox Beta Versions and Daily Builds

I like to be on the cutting edge, but I don’t like the way if Facebook doesn’t recognise your useragent string it assumes you’re using an older non-compatible browser. This means you have to open chat in a new window, annoying at the best of times. So I did a little rummaging about and found a really easy fix for this.

  1. Go to your address bar and type in “about:config”. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
  2. In the filter bar, type “general.useragent.extra.firefox”
  3. DoubleClick this to change the value. For me, it said “Shiretoko/3.5.7Pre”. I changed it t the nearest stable release I knew about, which was “Firefox/3.5.5”. For people using this guide in the future, you should go to and find the name of the latest release.
  4. Close about:config and load/reload Facebook
  5. That’s it, your Facebook chat should now be working fine!

I have not tested this on a lot of websites, but it should not cause any problems as long as the version numbers are quite close. Let me know how this goes for you!


How Safe Is Your Privacy Online?

So I was just reading Paul O’Flaherty’s blog and came across this. Well I headed over to to see how safe I was, and I got this (Click for Full Size)

Good no? I don’t even wear a tinfoil hat 🙂 So what about you, how safe are ya? The Internet at least now knows I use Linux Mint and Firefox, and in case you go pointing fingers, Transmission is downloading the latest Ubuntu Karmic alpha!

Linux Distro Review #1: Xubuntu 9.04

My laptop is a piece or crap, I know this. 512Mb of RAM, Intel graphics card and a Intel Centrino Duo processor is nothing to write home about. This is why when I read that Xubuntu is a Linux OS designed for low-end machines, I downloaded the ISO, burned a live CD and had it installed in little over two hours. Now, if you are new to Linux and would like to know what Xubuntu has to offer you (Or any Canonical distribution for that matter) I suggest you take a look here. For everyone else, I’ll cut to the chase.

I installed Xubuntu because I wanted a very fast desktop that was stable and made the best usage of resources available. Xubuntu disappointed me on all these points.

Speed: I had previously been using Ubuntu 9.04, which I found slightly sluggish when using applications like Firefox and XBMC. Xubuntu did seem a bit quicker when navigating folders (Xfce being the desktop environment and thunar the file manager) but not a lot faster with resource hungry apps open. Worse, Xubuntu proved ABSOLUTELY unusable while installing new packages, something both the experienced user and the curious newbie do frequently. I also experienced several bouts of CPU 100% during each day with no obvious offender.

Stability: I never had problems with stability in Ubuntu, save when upgrading to a new release rather than installing it fresh. Xfce suffered a bug in where the entire system would stall, and even hitting standby would produce no results. This could happen every 3-4 days, taking into account I shutdown at least every two days.

Ease of Use: Ubuntu comes with a strong suite of applications included such as OpenOfice, Tomboy Notes, Firefox and Pidgin. Xubuntu sacrifices some of these for faster equivalents which is understandable. However, with the amount I use the former two apps I mentioned, I had to install them myself, which means an extra 300+ MB download at each new release.
On Ubuntu, it is simple to toggle touchpad preferences, and within 5 mins of install I had turned off the dreaded “tap-to-click”. There was no such similar GUI for Xubuntu, and this led to stressful editing of config files.

Worth a Install?: Simply, no. I appreciate the amount of work the community puts into a release like Xubuntu but if you’re system can’t handle Ubuntu, then you should look to other distributions such as Crunchbang Linux or even DSL (Damn Small Linux)

If you have any problems with my review, or would like to share your own experiences, please leave a comment.