How to fix a borked Google Reader

Sometimes GReader doesn’t load. Sure it says “Loading” up the top but it’s a filthy lying son of a 4chan meme. So should your reader break you can either wait a while or try these methods.

1) Change the language from English to English UK or Australia.
Thankfully the link to your settings isn’t AJAX, so you can still access them. This one works most of the time, and if it doesn’t try it again once or twice.

2) Disable Google Gears, restart browser and enable again.

Sometimes when you close Reader, it’s in the middle of gears doing something, whatever it does. Also try deleting the permissions for reader in the settings.

3) There’s a number 3, but I can’t remember it right now 😦

If all fails, go into settings and export your feeds into OPML format, go to, setup an account, import you feeds and enjoy. Like everything related to computers, backup backup backup. Another quicker, if more Spartan way is to go to

So any magic tips yourself? Feel free to share!


The humble Favicon, and a How-To guide for those of you in the dark

A Favicon is that little icon you see in your address bar or in your bookmarks list beside the name of the site you’re visiting. They are very simple but make a huge difference to your users. Perhaps, like myself, they’d like their links on the bookmark toolbar to only consist of icons (or Favicons as I should say!)

Many sites that have been up for more than a year still have no favicon. (like xPad) or still use the default favicon of their CMS, which looks worse in my honest opinion (I’m looking at you GAMECON!)

So how do you acually make a favicon? Well you need to have a file called “favicon.ico” in your root directory, or in /images in joomla’s case (overwrite the current one). Making a favicon is quite easy, and most image editors will have everything you need from the box. Here is a excellent guide for Photoshop users (although you will need to download and install this plugin first)

With a bit of work, you might even manage a animated one like the one at!