How Safe Is Your Privacy Online?

So I was just reading Paul O’Flaherty’s blog and came across this. Well I headed over to to see how safe I was, and I got this (Click for Full Size)

Good no? I don’t even wear a tinfoil hat 🙂 So what about you, how safe are ya? The Internet at least now knows I use Linux Mint and Firefox, and in case you go pointing fingers, Transmission is downloading the latest Ubuntu Karmic alpha!

2 thoughts on “How Safe Is Your Privacy Online?

  1. So, are you deleting your cookies, just not allowing them to saved or using an extension to stop them being read. Or, just not visiting any of the 5000 most popular sites on the internet (don’t feel so bad I only visited 19)?

    What distro are you running?

  2. I’m not deleting cookies in any case but I do only keep history active for three days OR when I close the browser. I was using Linux Mint, which is a distro based on ubuntu with some eyecandy and tweaks. I’m back using good old ‘buntu again now.

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